GAIL'S TAXES Income Tax Preparation and Filing

       GAIL LEE, EA - Admitted to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service

Gail Lee, EA
Arnold, CA



Important Information



Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Please bring last year's tax return. Several years might be needed depending on individual circumstances.  New clients must bring government issued picture identification cards for themselves and social security cards for themselves and their dependents.  Here is a partial check list of other items you will need.

Income Documents

W2                   Employer Wage and Withholding Statement(s)

W2G                Gambling Winnings

1099G              Unemployment and Family Leave 

1099R              Pension, IRA, 401K, etc. Distributions

1099SSA         Social Security Statement(s)

1099INT*         Interest earned on savings or mortgage escrow account(s)

1099DIV*         Dividends earned on investments

1099B*             Record of Stock Sales or Redemptions (don't forget cost basis information)

1099Misc          Self Employed, Royalty, or other miscellaneous income(s)

Alimony Records

Records of self-employed income if not included above (Spread sheets, bank statements, credit card income, etc)

*Or composite of all three from your investment company


Itemized Deductions and Income Adjustments


Medical Payments (Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacy, Lab, etc) and medical miles (subject to 10% of income)

1098 Mortgage Interest(s) Paid

Property Tax Statements (not all is deductible)

Vehicle License Fees Statements (not all is deductible)

Charitable Contributions

Gambling Losses (to extend of winnings)

Alimony paid (Provide x-spouse's social security number and address.)

Education Expenses

Child Care Expense Records

Business Expenses for Self-Employed

Expenses totaled by category (Advertising, Insurance, Taxes, Utilities, Repairs, Supplies, Office Expenses, etc.)

List of equipment to be depreciated including date of purchase and cost

Mileage logs showing total odometer miles for the year (including personal miles), business miles andand commute miles, if any

Home Office Information (square footage of house and office, utilities, mortgage interest or rent, property tax, miscellaneous expenses)

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